Why I'll never understand women who say they'll never understand men

Men are easy to understand.

They drink. They fight. They fall down. They get up again. They want lots of sex, and aren't too particular about who they get it from.

Women, on the other hand, are also easy to understand.

They drink. They bitch. They fall down. They get up again. They want lots of sex, and want to be cuddled afterwards, too.

Sure, it's more complicated than that if you really want it to be, but those complications aren't much of a barrier to understanding.

What I really can't understand is people who say they can't understand the simple truths above.

People like our friend China Dirt . Who enters into evidence the following:
  • "got herself a boyfriend" whose avowed priorities were drinking, partying, and fucking, in that order (bad choice, but I understand, see above)

  • she was once in a bar when a threatened barfight didn't happen (OMG! What a coincidence! That's happened to me too!)

  • describes as "one of the weirdest conversations I'd ever had" a half-remembered-through-a-haze-of-alcohol conversation with a similarly lubricated girl.
And the punchline? "Why I'll never understand men".

Personally? I'll never understand the compulsion to post pointless stories about meaningless drunken interactions as if they were indicators of some larger trend.

And yet here I am, blogging about China Dirt again!

My severe case of irony is really starting to itch...

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