China Dirt Attacks!


I mean, really.

As the last vestiges of credibility crumble from the poorly-made edifice that was China Dirt, their true character emerges. First, they attacked their readers for having opinions, and then when they realized that was a pretty dumb move (I take no credit, but it was yours truly that pointed it out) they then removed the attack and lied about it.

Perhaps the women behind China Dirt can learn to be more like Sharon from Bridget Jones' Diary:
"We women are only vulnerable because we are a pioneer generation daring to refuse to compromise in love and relying on our own economic power. In twenty years' time men won't even dare start with fuckwittage because we will just laugh in their faces."
Perhaps more laughing, more good humour generally in amongst the shrieking, wailing, and gnashing of teeth, is what's missing from China Dirt.

A little bit of humour certainly would have saved an awkward evening not so long ago.

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